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Is Spring Springing Yet?

Oooooh! It's that time of year where my creativity itch is coursing under my skin. It seems to start this time every year and I know it does by looking at my Facebook and snapchat memories.

It's a bit like spring cleaning or nesting but of the artsy kind.

I start by writing down all of my ideas for the summer because there are so many that I worry I may miss one. I begin hoarding supplies for all the things I'm going to create. I start making a goal list of most important to least and organizing my studio space. Honestly, the worst part is waiting. The ideas I have are too big and messy for my indoor studio so it needs to warm up so things can move towards my outside studio. I liken this feeling to shaking a can of soda- this immense energy is bubbling through me and I may explode once it's time to let it out! In the mean time I will try to satiate this energy by preparing. The hibernation is almost over and there are fresh new creations on their way. Stay tuned for updates. Hurry up Spring!!!

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