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Meet The Artist

Trudy's journey from a challenging childhood in foster care to becoming a successful middle school art teacher and accomplished artist is truly inspiring. Her experiences with a social worker who introduced her to art provided a form of solace and self-expression during difficult times. This early exposure to painting set the stage for her lifelong passion for art.

The symbolic significance of her first pony, obtained through her dedication to drawing, highlights her perseverance and determination to pursue her interests despite adversity. Trudy's upbringing on a hobby farm immersed in nature also influenced her artistic style, evident in her vibrant and evocative paintings capturing moments of awe and escape.

Her decision to pursue art education at MSUM reflects her desire to foster creativity and provide others with the same outlet that art provided her. As a teacher, she is dedicated to nurturing her students' artistic talents and helping them find sanctuary and healing through art.

Trudy's involvement in the local art community, including her membership in the FMVA and participation in exhibitions, demonstrates her commitment to supporting and promoting the arts. Her diverse range of artistic mediums and series reflect her versatility and depth as an artist, with each piece capturing the essence of fleeting moments in life.

Overall, Trudy's story exemplifies resilience, passion, and the transformative power of art. Through her teaching and artistic endeavors, she continues to inspire others to embrace creativity and find beauty in the world around them.

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